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 Ok, back in October of 2014, we began broadcasting to Reno-Sparks as KXNV at 89.1 fm. Remember? Along the way, we changed our call letters to KJIV fm and became known in 2015-16 as both Jive Radio and The Fine 89. And that was all well and swell. February of 2017, we received a very nice offer from Nevada Public Radio, who was interested in our signal at 89.1, and we sold the broadcast license for that frequency to them, and they are now currently operating at that spot on the fm dial. What was attractive to us was the fact that we could sell that on-air license, but still exist online. We could pay off some bills and debt and still carry on. 

Jive Radio, as of March of 2017, became an INTERNET ONLY "RADIO" STATION. Available only at And that's where the story stabilized. For about 4 months.

In the spring of '17, our networking with friends and associates in Northern Nevada began to move in some interesting directions. We at OSR knew not one, but two groups who just happened to have permits to construct Low Power FM radio facilities. One entity was the Brewery Arts Center in Carson City, which had the right to broadcast at 95.1 fm in Carson City and Washoe Valley. The other permit, owned by the Reno Bike Project, was granted permission by the FCC to broadcast in Reno at 97.7 fm. Both the BAC and RBJ asked us at OSR for help in the actual construction of the broadcast towers and transmitting equipment, since such stuff was in the well-practiced wheelhouse of OSR main man Jeff Cotton. So, during the summer of '17, we did indeed aid in getting both stations established before their construction deadlines expired. The addition of these two new signals in the Greater Reno-Carson area has led to some changes in the availability of Jive Radio that we now want to announce and confirm.

As a service in helping these stations get on the air with some quality music programming,  both 95.1 fm KNVC in Carson City and 97.7 fm KWNK in Reno are now carrying Jive Radio over their air. So the Jive is back ON THE AIRWAVES IN RENO, SPARKS, CARSON CITY, AND WASHOE VALLEY. This is very cool, and we are sure that there are many Jive Radio fans who will be happy to have on-air access to us once again. Both KNVC and KWNK have their own plans and schedules to eventually become independent community-oriented stations, and we will let you know when these various changes will be phased into operation. But for now, October 2017, here is what you can expect.

KNVC at 95.1 fm will be carrying Jive Radio programming 24 hours a day, probably through the end of this year, and very likely well into 2018. Sometime during the next year, KNVC expects to have staff and equipment installed and will slowly begin injecting its own programming. But for now, if you live in Washoe Valley or Carson City, you should be able to easily hear us at 95.1 on the fm dial. If you're in Carson VALLEY, give it a shot. Some places in CV might well receive the signal, especially locations that are not shielded by hills and terrain.

KWNK at 97.7 fm is now available in the Truckee Meadows, and most locations in both Reno and Sparks should be able to easily receive this signal. Probably sometime in November, KWNK plans to carry programming from UNR, via Wolf Pack Radio. When those shows (mainly music-based) begin, they will be on from 4pm to 4am daily. Jive Radio programming will be on from 4am to 4pm. This schedule is expected to settle in and become the status quo for months to come, if not years. 

As always, Jive Radio is available on our mean, clean and very dependable internet stream at

So the main take away is simply this......Jive Radio is ON THE AIR in Reno and Sparks on KWNK, 97.7 fm. And ON THE AIR in Washoe Valley and Carson City on KNVC, 95.1 fm. Yabba Dabba Doo and let the schizoclectica of Jive Radio swing in space once again! Thanks always for your listening and support! 

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